Education transforms lives:

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world" - Nelson Mandela

Bidii Children's Charity provides education opportunities through long-term scholarships and mentor-ship to children in Kenya, especially girls,  that face abject poverty.  Education enables these children to earn a living and therefore breaking the cycle of poverty.

In Kenya, 1 in 5 students that start grade 1 will not graduate grade 12.

Our mission is to change that and you can can help us; one child at a time

Take Action: Help a student finish high school

 These deserving students have one simple but far dream. A dream to finish high school. A dream to make their lives better. They are so close and you can help with just $2.30 a day.  

Samuel Maina

Help Samuel finish his last year of high school. With just CDN$850 for the entire year

Samuel is the fourth born in a family of 9 kids and he is the first one to attend high school. He has overcome many adversities to be where he is today. While not in school he has never had 3 meals a day but the challenges don't stop him. He is very proud being pioneer high school student and eventually a graduate in his family. He joined Kibirichia Boys Secondary School in Feb 2015 and he will be graduating high school next year.


There is only 1 laptop for 13 teachers. You can help us buy computers to equip these teachers  with good teaching tools  for their students

Take Action: Support Teachers with teaching resources

Success of students is hinged on how well the teachers are equipped with the right resources. In this school there is only one donated laptop for 13 teachers. Help us raise CDN$25,000 to buy computers, books, stationary and teaching aids for the teachers

Take Action: Help feed a child

To help improve school children's development, education and nutrition the school we are  starting to provide lunches to kids. Many of these kids depend the school meal only. You can help provide a healthy meal for these kids.