Our Impact

Elvis Mutuma


Elvis was born out of wed lock by his mother who was then a teenager and dropped out of school. The mother hardly knew what child responsibility was like and soon after abandoned him and went to seek casual employment away from home. The father was already married and there was no way he could admit have fathered the child with a school going girl and therefore did not own up to the responsibility of bringing up the child. Thus, Elvis ended being brought by his maternal grandparent.  His mother later married and has other children and his father who is their  neighbour  has remarried so many times and has so many children that Elvis has lost count he would rather struggle with his grandparent where at least there is love and peace.


Elvis is a bright boy who progressed well in school and sat for his Kenya Certificate of Primary Education the year 2014. He managed to score 335/500.  He was admitted at a county level school but the grandparent did not manage to take him there. After some time he was enrolled at a day school that is over 8 kilometres away from their home but again the family was unable to raise the required schools and eventually he dropped out of school without having completed even the first term. He lost one year but we are happy to announce that he joined Kaaga Boys Secondary School in Feb 2016.