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Education Changes Everything

​My Story

My name is Murithi Antony, I’m 22 years old currently a student of Law at University of Embu, Kenya. I am a lastborn in a family of 9. I joined primary school in 2006, at the age of 6 because the distance between my home and the nearest public school was over 5km, through bushes which was unsafe for a young kid to pass through, and my parents could not afford to take me to the nearest private school. Since my Childhood, I had a dream of becoming a judge, and I knew the only way to do fulfil my aspirations was by studying hard, without being limited by the financial status of my parents. My primary school journey was not an easy one. My mom used to wake us up at 5am and prepare sugarless porridge before we embarked on the long journey to school. As a result, she suffered arthritis which has affected her to date. Despite all the challenges, I managed to complete my primary education in 2014 and I passed well, after which I got a letter to join a prestigious high school. Sadly, my parents could not afford to pay the fees required. Instead of staying home, I decided to repeat class eight in the year 2015. I sat for my KCPE exam and emerged the best.

Still, I knew my parents could not afford to pay my high school fees but that did not shut my hope. It is then that Bidii Children’s Charity came through and sponsored me fully for my high school education. Bidii Children’s Charity did not only pay my school fees, but also mentored me to realize my potential. They used to (and still do) meet us during holidays and offer mentorship programmes for us. They also taught us that through service, we can change the world. It is upon this conceptualization that we visit the elderly in society, and help them in farm duties, buy shopping. We also visit fellow young people in schools and mentor them. All of this were done during holidays. I finished my high-school in 2019 and did very well.

Joining University of Embu School of Law was a dream come true. Appreciatively, this could not have happened were it not for the kind support and mentorship by Bidii Children’s Charity. In the spirit of the Kind organization, I have joined several humanitarian clubs and societies and I have also volunteered so as to change the society, if not the world. I am a member of legal aid clinic whereby we offer free legal advice to the community around us. We also visit prisons and educate the prisoners and remandees the basic legal procedures. I have also volunteered in Fursa in Democracy Challenge, whereby we are researching and drafting county youth policies. I am now youth advocate and leader.

I feel so indebted to Bidii Children’s Charity, and I swore to myself that I shall continue the spirit of this noble organization. I will mentor as many young people as I can, and most importantly ensure that children from poor families have got access to education, without worrying about school fees. I hope by doing so, the world shall become a better place!

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