The Scholarship Process
Every community has individuals who work the hardest and show the ability to succeed despite adversity. These individuals need a little push and they will prosper. Bidii Children’s Charity focuses on children and youth that have exhibited hard work, self-motivation and potential to succeed.
We give competitive scholarships and renew them based on performance. We use this approach because of three reasons:
  • If we support talent, self-motivation and hard work, the chance that these young minds will succeed is high.
  • When they succeed, they will in turn give back to their communities. The best part is they know where their communities hurt most.
  • If hard work is rewarded, a culture of hard work is cultivated.
Every year after the results of the standardised national standard 8 examinations are received, our tem in Kenya selects the students that have met the eligibility criteria.  
Criteria for eligibility is as follows:
  • A score of at least 350 of the possible 400 marks in Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE).
  • Admission letter from high school with the fees requirements
  • One page report detailing service to the community in the respective year.
  • A home visit report done by a representative on the ground indicating;
    -That the child is indeed deserving of support based on status of  parents/guardians
     -Evidence that the applicant does indeed participate in community service
  • Failure to maintain B average (or 60% of the total score) and indiscipline; defined as absenteeism, disobedience, expulsion, cheating, failure to submit of required   documents/correspondence etc, shall be grounds of scholarship discontinuation.
All scholarship are finalized by February 29th of every year.